We've talked before about financial formulas, but the truth is that wealth is more a mental and emotional matter, not so much about math. However, here are 7 rules of financial strategy and psychological attitude that will help you improve your finances.

1.- Don't buy things that depreciate with credit

You must understand something very simple: most things depreciate over time, avoid at all costs buying them with a credit that charges you interest at the same time. Ideally, credit should only be used for debts that are good for your portfolio. Or maybe you can use a credit, as long as it's for months without interests, but make sure of the conditions and be careful, because it's not as good as it sounds.Chica con muchas bolsas de compras

2.- Stop trying to be a millionaire overnight

No, it's not happening. Becoming a millionaire step by step is difficult enough and requires a lot of effort. Achieving it before 30 and from one day to the next is almost impossible. To be an overnight millionaire you need to take giant risks or be a star entrepreneur, and most of these kind of goal remain frustrated dreams. Focus on becoming a millionaire eventually, when you're over 30 and have been working for it for more than 15 years. Yes, you can achieve it, but don't set unrealistic goals for yourself.Niña respirando profundamente

3.- Beware of Scams when Investing

Have you heard the phrase "nice, pretty and cheap"? maybe. But there are no "fast, free and quality" projects, just as there are no "fast, easy and safe" investment opportunities. Stop clicking on the ads of people who promise to make you a fortune with no effort and no risk. Better learn the basics of investing, read about the 10 investment principles and start investing your savings step by step.mujer usando binoculares para ver mejor

4.- The best time to save and invest is now

For many of us it's easier to start saving and invest when we have more income, when we have better jobs, maybe tomorrow, or when we finish paying certain things or even when...mmmm well, let's just say we all prefer to do it later. But the best time to do it is now. Start with the minimum, but start now.Persona diciendo que tiene mucho dinero con su brazos

5.- Never invest with your emotions

We must understand that having a "hunch", believing that something is going to rise in price, thinking that bitcoin has not yet "bottomed out" or investing because "everyone is doing it", are not valid reasons to make financial decisions. Learn to establish the rules of your investing game and don't stick your emotions or subjective beliefs to it. Money management has many of our emotions, but we must be careful with them when making investment decisions.mujer llorando acostada en la cama

6.- Don't follow the masses

"It's all over the news", "they say it's the future", "all my friends have one", "this is going to beat the iPhone", etc. A basic tip you should know: if it's already on the news, it's not news anymore. The investment saying goes like this: "buy the rumour, sell the news" and it refers precisely to not investing when everyone is investing in it because, most likely, it's too late.mujer con gafas guiñando un ojo

7.- Never forget these rules

Creating a fortune is not easy, nor is it fast, nor is it a 100% safe ride. It doesn't happen overnight, nor is there a magic formula. You're not going to win the lottery either, sorry for ruining your optimistic ideas about the future. But it is possible, over time, with a lot of effort, reading a lot and with financial education. It doesn't sound very sexy or exciting, but you will see that when you have your millions, you will think that is is.

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