In the world of Neuroscience it's confirmed that our brain believes everything we tell it. If we constantly repeat to ourselves the classic: "I have no money or anything to give, all I have is love to give", or any such thought, money will always be an enemy for us.

Instead, if we constantly visualize ourselves doing well financially, we program our brains to see our surroundings differently.

Doctor Eduardo Calixto (Doctor in Neurophysiology) says that it takes 21 days for our brain to get used to doing a certain activity or forming a habit.

This is why here we share some hacks so that your brain accepts the fact that saving is cool.

1.- Do you feel happy when talking about money? Listen to yourself

Science says that our brain pays attention to what our face is expressing.

The task is very simple, if spending money makes you angry, if you feel that money is going away fast or if you're dissatisfied with your current salary, you'll educate your brain to associate "money" with the feeling of frustration or annoyance.

On the other hand, if you smile because you have a salary, because you earned a few extra bucks or because you found $10 dollars in your pants, the brain will release dopamine and automatically, it will know that money issues are not the worst thing in this world. Relax, don't think like everyone else.

2.- The Harvard Method to not forgetting pending payments

"People tend to forget their obligations. Although at times it's a probelm of will, what also happens is that they simply forget to do it".

Harvard researchers published a study in the scientific journal Psychological Science, they say that we shouldn't complicate our existanceso much; There is a very simple method to never forget our financial obligations.

If today you have to make a last-minute payment or deposit, wear a red ribbon (it must be red because this color at the neural level captures our attention more easily than other colors).

Do not take off the ribbon until you have fulfilled your earrings. 

3.- Create a moodboard

Neurobiology is the study of the nervous system, the science says that activating interest is the first step to feel the motivation to save.

A moodboard is a great option to -in a certain way- tell your brain: Heeey, wake up! These are our big dreams, let's not stop until we achieve them!

To build your moodboard you need:

- A cork board

- Lots of magazines, photos and errands

- Scissors

- Tacks

Cut out everything that inspires you. If next year you want to see the Pyramids of Egypt, put them on the board followed by a little note that says the month and year in which you want to go. Cut and paste doesn't make your ideas seem unattainable. If you want you can.

4.- Freeze your bills

Not verbatim. What I mean is that you must choose a ticket (the one that suits you best or the one you like).

Example: Suppose your fav bill is the $10 dollar bill.

Starting today, you must save and not spend all the bills that you receive that are of that denomination.

At the end of the fortnight, you collect them all and deposit them in your savings account, investment or your payroll card. Whatever you prefer.

Fact: I have a friend who does this exercise with $1 dollar bills and spends everything she collects at the end of the year for Christmas gifts. Sounds good right?

5.- Every minute of your work has value

Answer this:

- How many hours do you work a day?

- How much do you earn per day?

- How much do you earn per hour? (about)

Example: Let's say you work 8 hours and earn $32 a day. This means that per hour you earn $4.

So if you want to buy an expensive dress from Paris ($175 dollars) or some Cristiano Ronaldo edition tennis shoes ($130 dollars), think about this: How many hours of your work will it take you to cover that money?

6.- Never throw away your tickets

Every fortnight, take a few minutes to staple all the tickets you've collected.

Check them one by one and with text markers underline all those expenses you made on impulse. Add up how much you would've saved. I promise you that next time you'll think twice before spending like crazy.

7.- Save without a sweat

Something that our brain can't stand is seeing how our money goes for rent, school, clothes or gasoline. It is painful.

Therefore, if you want to save you will have to resort to the automatic billing and it won't hurt and it won't weigh you down because you won't even realize when they take that money from you.

Fact: If you invest in BONDS you have the option to automatically bill to your card.

8.- Before buying, waaaait!

This neat trick is dedicated to all those who go to any store and fall in love with a thousand things.

Follow this sage advice:

“Look closely at the product. Leave it and wait."

Your brain needs a break, the noise in your thoughts affects your ability to make good financial decisions.

And if you flat out feel that you can't or that impulsiveness overcomes you. Find a consultant :)

Now all that remains is putting these exercises into practice until they become a habit.

Don't forget that the brain materializes what you constantly repeat to yourself.


Article translated by Rodolfo Schaefer

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