Here are some headlines I came across when searching about the revolution with online shopping these days:

1- Pandemic triggers online purchases up to 290%

2- Five out of ten consumers shop online to avoid leaving home during the coronavirus quarantine

3- The demand for food, furniture and appliances on the internet grows due to coronavirus

4- Isolation by Covid-19 triggers 500% food purchases on the internet

As we know that you are making several purchases online, we leave you some tips so that you can do it like an expert.

Tips for shopping online like an expert

1- It's advisable not to buy everything in the same place, you have to take a tour of different stores and platforms to compare prices.

2- Check what buyers are saying. You have to get carried away by the comments and reviews. There you'll realize the attention and treatment that the brand has with customers.

3- You have to take into consideration that if you buy clothes online, it's possible that changes and returns take longer than normal.

4- Take a tour of the page's social networks. Locate the store's address, customer reviews, and brand reliability.

5- Consider that the exchange rate affects the prices of various items, take into account the cost of shipping and if it's an imported product, it'll probably be more expensive.

6- Check what CFPB says, remember that this institution detects the irregularities of companies.

Laptop with a credit card and boxes on top

Let's remember the good thing about shopping online

  1. Shopping online is five hundred thousand times faster.
    Has it happened to you that you find a super offer in the physical store, but you don't have money? When this happens, you run the risk that this offer ends up when you go home for money and return to the store to make your payment.
  2. To sell, it isn't necessary to have a physical store (with a location and everything)
    A study by Big Data Corp says that there are more than 80,000 online stores in Mexico, so if you want to start a business you can sell without the need to have a store, boutique or changarro somewhere in your city.


  3. Deliveries arrive where you indicate with a single click
    You avoid lines, you can track your purchase and locate where in the world it is.
    In addition, many companies have implemented sanitization methods due to the pandemic.


  4. You can buy items that do not exist in the US
    If you take a dive you can find furniture, clothes, shoes and even books that are little known and that -obviously- you won't find in a conventional store. So if it's in your plans to buy the new iPhone 3.1416, surely you can get it online.

Shopping cart with bags

What you must not forget

When you fill in your data on the platform of the online store, check that your information is not deleted when you click on "buy", because sometimes it happens that everything you write is deleted and one leaves with the feint that it was not done buy it but, yes it was!.

If this happens to you, don't repeat the process and better check with your card app if you have already been charged because then it happens that you never receive payment confirmation.

Article translated by Rodolfo Schaefer

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