Attention! This is an article dedicated to Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, Centennials, and any other generation that spots an eye in this reading.

Everybody is welcome! We are convinced that age is just a number, that it's never too late to improve and that this is the perfect moment to achieve that goal that you've wanted so much to reach.

This is why we enlisted 8 goals to choose from and fulfill at your own pace, taking into account your personal finances and your current economic situation.

It's time to take action and meet your life goals

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Becoming financially independent

Choose a life plan according to your projects and aspirations.

Establish an income, an expenses plan and set your savings goal, define a specific goal and meet it.

Why is it convenient for you?

1- You'll be aware of your progress.
2 - Making a decision require less work when you have clear goals in mind.
3 - Having a goal shows drive and motivation.
4- You know where you want to go.
5- A goal changes your mood and helps you grow.
6- You move out of your comfort zone.

It's important to have financial goals.

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The perfect time to save for your retirement is now

According to Goldman Sachs’ Retirement Survey & Insights Report found that 34% of Millennials feel they are behind on their retirement savings, this outcome seems to be in line with poor savings rates for young workers published on Vanguard's How America Saves Report; that shows that workers ages 25 to 34 are saving 10.5% on average, while workers under 25 are only saving 8%. The recommended range to save for retirement is from 12 to 15% of your income.

Buy a car

Choose a car that fits your needs and current economic possibilities to decide if can afford buying a car in cash or if you qualify to apply for an auto loan.

Remember to take the costs that come after the purchase into account, such as: insurance, registration, driver's license, gas, to name a few.

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Get the job you want

How valuable is your work? Not everyone knows. Suppose you get approached to sell your services (nutrition consultations, graphic design, article writing, whatever it is that you do) but you don't know how much to charge for your work.

Solution: Find your ex-boss, friends in the industry, or your college professors and set up a price table. Ask yourself how much you want to earn. Set real goals, you'll have more arguments to negotiate a raise or finding that job you want so much.

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Have an emergency fund

The emergency fund is the first savings you need to have to start your financial life with the right foot.

The idea is to collect 6 full months of your current salary to survive against unforeseen expenses. Remember that accidents happen, we all get sick and many of us have had moments of unemployment. Nobody is exempt.

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Do a master's degree

Find study plans and programs, admission requirements, costs and financing plans.
Project the impact of your studies on your personal or family budget and if you still don't know where to start, ask yourself: Am I financially ready for a master's degree?

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Buy a house/apartment

Check out what's up with the alternatives of credits or loans to which you can have access. If you apply for a mortgage, take into account the down payment, terms and periodic payments to suite your economic possibilities and do not forget the collateral expenses such as the deed, remodeling and moving, among others.

When you buy a property make sure to stand on an asset that will be worth much more in a couple of years

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Live as a couple (if you wish)

When you start living with another person (in this case, your partner) some expenses tend to be reduced, mainly those related to household services, such as water, gas, electricity, rent, transportation, etc.

But, the costs related to entertainment tend to increase. Watch out for those! Keep a balance.

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Bottom line

1- If you have several goals, define the times in which you want to fulfill them. Some of them you’ll want to accomplish in a month, others in a year or even ten years.

Put your goals in order and don't lose hope.

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2- Remember that everything is possible. It's not about meeting all your financial goals at the same time or leaving them in oblivion, it's about prioritizing the order of your goals to know which one goes first and which one comes after. Once you have that planning, fulfilling your purposes will be much easier. You can do it.

Everything is possible, just do it little by little

Article translated by Rodolfo Schaefer

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